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Utah Auto Dealers can now capitalize on new Warranty Reimbursement at Retail legislation
Utah Warranty Reimbursement

Beginning of May 2023, auto dealers in the state of Utah have the opportunity to realize increase fixed operations profit by way of increased reimbursement rates for parts and labor.

Although the opportunity to receive higher than OEM defaulted warranty rates has been available in Utah, a number of manufacturers have leveraged several nuances in the old statute to limit those rates.  The newly passed legislation has strengthened the law, enabling dealers to receive optimum reimbursement rates when the proper methods of analyses and submittal are performed, often adding six figure dollars numbers to dealers’ annual gross profit.

For years the team from Formula Automotive has audited the performance of dealers and warranty reimbursement providers from across the country, discovering commonly missed opportunities with both, and have successfully submitted thousands of these increase requests for their clients.  

Contact Chris at (239) 312-3066 to begin the process of realizing these significant increases for your group.

Warranty Reimbursement Done Better

May 5, 2023